Well, where do I begin?  When I graduated college in May of 2008, I still had no idea what I wanted to do, nor did I have any particular career choice in mind (besides writing which takes you no where fast when your only readers are me, myself, and I!).  Shortly there after, John and Sok, founders of, took a chance on a fresh out of college graduate with no affiliate marketing experience, and gave me the responsibility of handling advertiser/affiliate relations for their growing online business.  Needless to say I was a bit intimidated, not only by the immense size of the online affiliate network, but also by John and Sok’s affluent knowledge of the industry and my responsibility to catch, and keep up.

The affiliate marketing network can be a dark and confusing place if you don’t have the right resources to guide you through the noise of thousands upon thousands of merchants, publishers, networks, and agencies.  I was lucky enough to have been guided by two experts in their respective fields, schooling me in the how to’s, the do’s and don’t’s, and the FAQ’s of affiliate marketing.  I like to believe that I’ve come to know a few things and their wisdom has served me well, but the learning process continues on a daily basis.  I feel privileged to be a part of such a rapidly growing industry with so many innovative individuals.

That’s where my blog comes in.  Here you’ll find my input on anything affiliate marketing, along with a few random thoughts here and there.  I’ll share my opinion on various topics regarding my journey through the network, as well as my amateur expertise on the most efficient way to get things done and accomplish your goals.  I’ll share mistakes I’ve made along with my personal solutions, and maybe we’ll even share a few laughs.  If anything, I just want to pass on some useful information which I was lucky enough to obtain from my mentors, to the amateur and expert alike.  Experts, please feel free to disect, correct, agree, or just tell me how stupid I am in the comment section on any of my posts; and amateurs don’t be afraid to include your input.  Onward!

3 responses to “Greetings!

  1. Wow this is really cool Ryan!!! I always believed in you and the wonderful man you would grow to be. May you be blessed in your journey, I know I will be praying and thinking of you!! Love ya! Toni

  2. You’ve grown up! You were lucky to have a brother-in-law that took a chance, trusted and mentored you into what looks like the start of a wonderful career. I am proud of you and reading your blog impressed me with your ability to put words on paper. Keep on reaching. The world is out there for you.

  3. Hey man good stuff. Im glad you decided to make a blog, it sounds really good so far. I completely agree with dad, I’m really impressed how far you’ve made in the field so far! Keep up the good work bro

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