Scheduled Dis-Courtesy

Today I wanted to begin a discussion on communication in regards to business to business relations; more specifically appointment courtesy.  The reason I wanted to go ahead and get this out there is because it’s fresh on my mind and I’m actually still a little heated about a situation that took place this afternoon.  I had a call scheduled today with one of our affiliate managers.  Nothing special, just touching base to discuss what’s happening on our respective ends of the business, and to see if there was any room for optimization.  Short story short, the affiliate manager neglects our scheduled call time with no notice or any attempt to reschedule.  Bear in mind that this affiliate manager reached out to me requesting a call.  There is little more irritating, not to mention unprofessional, than the blatant disregard for an individual‘s, as well as a business’ time.  Now of course it’s not as if I sat around and wasted my whole day waiting for this one phone call, but it’s the principle of the matter, and it’s not the first, or even the second time that I’ve found myself the victim of appointment neglect.

Communication is key within the affiliate network, as it is in any business.  Because the network consists of tens of thousands of partnerships nationwide, we rely heavily on email, chat, social networking, and conference calls when it comes to the exchange of information.  Very rarely do we get the opportunity to meet our partners face to face.  This being the case, I embrace every opportunity I have to speak (or communicate online) with an affiliate.  Why wouldn’t you?  Our businesses share a partnership and optimal communication equals an optimal relationship.  On the flip side, I take it somewhat personal when an individual (or company) blows off a scheduled phone call; and I would imagine many others, if not everyone, feels the same way.

When you make an appointment, KEEP IT.  Neglecting to call into a scheduled conversation sends quite a few messages; none of which are positive.  First and foremost it sends the message that the callee is of little importance.  Either not important enough to mark a calendar and remember the call, or the caller had something more important that needed to be done.  The latter is an acceptable excuse, but send an email in an attempt to reschedule, or at the very least let them know that you won’t be calling.

In my opinion, there is no excuse for forgetting an appointment, especially when productivity is directly affected.  If you send the message that someone is of little importance, chances are your importance to them is going to decrease as well.  Thus, the partnership suffers; and not to mention the positive productivity that could have been accomplished by the phone call taking place.

That’s all for now…Good Day.

4 responses to “Scheduled Dis-Courtesy

  1. Yeah, seriously, you should at least send an email if you need to cancel.. or at least an apology email after the fact. You make a bad first impression and that is it.. you don’t get that back.

  2. Agreed man, don’t get how you can miss a meeting, even if it is over the phone it is still a damn meeting. Just remember Corleone, don’t take it personal, it’s just (bad) business.

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