A Frugal Guy? Yeah Right

As an Account Specialist for CouponShack.com, I not only handle advertiser relations, but I assist with the addition of fresh content as well.  As any affiliate would know, fresh content is crucial and site updates are a daily, and often times an hourly task.  I assist with editing and updating the content intended for our users; adding the latest coupons, deals, and promos to be more specific.  Our merchant partners and affiliate managers contact me on a daily basis with the most up to date promos and sales that are being offered to consumers.  That’s right, I got the drop on the latest consumer discounts before that shiz-nit hits tha streets, lol.  I then post them to the site in the form of a coupon, Hot Deal, or blog, among a few other promotional strategies, all for you lovely shoppers to take advantage of! 😉

In addition, I also research and blog about specific product deals, holiday savings tips, and consumer savings suggestions.  Now of course this isn’t rocket science or anything, but consumers would be surprised at how much money can be saved with a little exploration and effort before jumping into a purchase.  I have even had the privilege of working under Sok, co-founder and CEO of CouponShack, who’s been an affiliate for nearly a decade, has written a number of informative articles and has received mentions in both print and online media.

So there you have it.  Just wanted to give ya’ll some creds before you thought I was leading you recklessly into the abyss with unreliable savings advice.  Remember, I’m no expert but as a twenty-somethin with a ton of debt, I can’t help but live a frugal lifestyle and I figured I’d take you along for the ride (and the savings)!

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