A Blog to Read That’s About Reading

Well it’s late, ain’t too tired and a little bored. I’ve been sittin here online for a few hours, jus browsin around seein what’s goin on in the world; aimlessly clicking links that peak my interest. But i’ve also been catchin up on some reading, checking out the recent posts on some blogs that I follow. This has been a habit of mine for a couple years, especially since I joined the affiliate marketing network. At least a couple times a week I set aside some time to read the blogs that are relevant to my interests, i.e. affililate marketing. This not only keeps me up to date with what’s goin on in the industry, but the knowledge I’ve obtained is incredible. There’s so much information out there, no matter what your industry or interests, all for the learning; and as a knowledge junkie I take advantage of the available resources. Resources that are incredibly informative, and written by individuals who are passionate about what they do and know what the hell they’re talking about.

This habit I’ve developed has expanded my knowledge tremendously not only about affiliate marketing, but marketing in general. I’ve learned things I never would of learned sittin in a classroom; I know, I’ve sat there. From the basics to the intricacies to the day-to-day, I’ve learned it all from reading the blogs of experts in the industry; in addition to my daily experience as an affiliate. At first I just read, payed attention, and learnt myself somethin! Now I’m at the point where I have an understanding of the industry as a whole, and I can now contribute to the conversation, i.e. comment sections, Twitter, etc. I’ve been commenting on blogs and engaging in online conversations with individuals I never would have met otherwise. And we, as well as the readers learn from the conversation which contains insightful thoughts, opinions, corrections and sometimes new ideas altogether. Who’s ready for another cliche?! ‘You learn somethin new everyday’ (Ooo, it’s a rhyme too, on a roll tonight, haha). Anyway, I couldn’t agree more, especially when you seek knowledge.

By beginning with some general research and making it a habit to stay up to date with the affiliate marketing industry, I’ve become familiar with and involved in a community I had little knowledge of only a short time ago. You just gotta have a desire to learn about whatever it is you need or want to learn about; because the information is there. Huh…random thoughts in the middle of a Saturday night. Might be time for bed.

Buenas Noches

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