Social Media and Small Business

The twenty-first century will go down in history as the dawning of the age of social media. What began as a way to connect with others and communicate online has spawned a marketing strategy that is essential for the success of small business today. In addition to user generated content such as photos, video, recordings, blogs, etc., social media involves the interactions and conversations that take place throughout the social platforms where this content is being shared.

A high-quality online reputation and an active presence among these social platforms is crucial for small businesses that want to remain relevant, and social media can be used to establish authority in an organization’s industry. And unlike traditional media outlets, social media is essentially free when one can build a positive, organic social presence online. Organizations are able to interact with customers in a friendly environment while at the same time marketing its brand.

Brian Moran, who is a small business advocate with an extensive background working with some of the nation’s most prestigious publications, discussed social media trends for small business in a recent interview by Britt Michaelian. Moran emphasized the importance of an online presence and he observed that social media is “not a trend but a catalyst in the changing way that the world chooses to communicate. Small business owners need to take the necessary time to set a proper foundation for the role that social media will play in their company moving forward.”

With the increased availability of mobile devices and tablets, communications are transmitted and received more rapidly than ever. A recent study conducted by IDG Research found that nearly three quarters of consumers turn to their smartphone for information such as product reviews, while over ninety percent of tablet users use their device for similar purposes. Feedback is instantaneous and social media has evolved into one of the most effective brand marketing tools for small business and corporations worldwide; when exercised appropriately. In addition, it’s absolutely necessary that small businesses have a high-quality online presence, so a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is essential; the value of social media is immeasurable in regards to organic SEO.

It won’t be long before 100% of consumers turn to social media outlets as a primary resource for organizational information, reviews, relevance etc., so a high-quality social media presence is essential for the success and value of today’s SMB’s.

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