Mobile SEO for Flawless User Experience

I was recently having an issue that required the assistance of professional services so I grabbed my Samsung to search local businesses. I used my mobile device to do a quick Google search using key terms that concisely described my needs. After scrolling through the page 1 results I clicked one of the top three search results whose title and description seemed to best address my inquiry. But I was directed to a desktop version of the business’s website which loaded slowly and was unresponsive. Not user friendly at all and once I got to the site, because I couldn’t see any of the images or text I was unsure as to whether or not this business could in fact serve my needs. So I hit the back button to browse alternative options.

Over half of local searches are performed using a mobile device and if your small business or organization does not provide maximum user experience, they will move on to the next best option. This is business that is at your doorstep but will move on (likely to a direct competitor) if their needs are not immediately met. The attention span of today’s online user is laughingly limited and it requires a fresh website that not only satisfies the user’s needs/wants, but also loads quickly, has efficient navigation and has content that can be understood.

By optimizing a website’s mobile presence small business owners achieve a significant competitive advantage. No matter what your industry or market, having a mobile friendly site greatly increases your chances of capturing a consumer when they’re on the go and in need of your services. By addressing user needs immediately and effectively with a mobile optimized website and high quality online presence you are setting your business up for visibility, clicks to contact and success.

Final Thought: As reiterated by Mr. Cutts, providing a high quality user experience plays a key role when it comes to ranking well in the search engines. So having a mobile friendly version of a website as part of a high quality online presence certainly contributes to SEO.


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