About Ryan Dearth- Hey That’s Me!

What’s up! I’m just an average guy with thoughts too good not to jot down, ha. I currently reside in The Queen City of the Carolinas and I enjoy everything life has to offer. I digg all kinds of music and enjoy anything that involves being outdoors. Reading, history, movies and sports are my life long interests and writing is an activity I enjoy for both work and leisure.

Having entered the work force during the adolescence of digital marketing, I have been fortunate enough to align my professional development with the growth of this exciting industry. I can honestly say that I have a passion for my profession, and my background includes copywriting, affiliate marketing, organic search engine optimization and website development. I proudly claim membership of a supreme search engine optimization team at Townsquare Interactive, an awesome digital marketing provider based in Charlotte, NC.

I’m no expert, but like so many others I too have an opinion and it just might peak someone’s interest. I love a good discussion (or argument) so please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts on any particular post. Holla at me @RyanDearth1 if you can #diggit. Thanks for stopping by!


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