Additional Writing Samples

Branching off from my experience in affiliate marketing, my skill set includes writing copy for a variety of marketing initiatives. These initiatives include blogging, brand advertisement, content marketing, search engine optimization and social media engagement. Writing has always been a passion of mine and professionally I have had the opportunity to not only activate my skills, but also expand the horizon of my creative writing ability while engaging audiences in a marketing environment.

For over three years I had the privilege of working for one of the finest publishers in the affiliate marketing industry. is a consumer savings website focused on eCommerce, and its creators actually helped pioneer online couponing. Traffic is generated by offering exclusive visitor coupons as well as savings tips for online shoppers, and the business model focuses on basic affiliate marketing strategy which includes CPA (cost per action) advertising and CPC/PPC (cost/pay per click) advertising. One of our primary objectives was maintaining an effective SEM (search engine marketing) campaign executed by implementing strategies such as organic SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing and link-building.

As a Marketing Specialist/In-house copywriter for, I was responsible for the organic growth of the site’s marketing campaign. My duties focused primarily on creating unique, target driven content aimed at accomplishing our promotional objectives as well as engage our readers. While writing copy that would appeal to the everyday consumer I also had to focus on key term density, i.e. content with naturally flowing keywords and key phrases necessary for effective SEO. It was during this time that I absorbed the most knowledge on effective copy writing practices in a marketing environment. My background includes creating unique, target-driven content written for various brands, verticals and demographics. Samples available upon request.

My professional background also includes managing an SEO campaign during my time working for a pair of successful venture capitalists. In addition to bolstering the online reputation of the business professionals, my initiatives included writing copy that focused on their professional and social interests. The campaign was highly successful and my objectives, as assigned by my employers, were accomplished in less than six months. The blogroll on which I worked consisted of nearly a dozen websites, but please see below for a brief list of resources where you can find samples of my work.


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